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Its bailing time!

Its been a busy week on the farm. With the weather finally coming right for longer than 2 days, the grass was cut and has now been dried out, bailed and wrapped to preserve it for winter feed for our cattle.

Once cut, the grass is left to dry out for a couple of days, being turned with a piece of equipment called a tedder to ensure it all dries at the same rate. This grass has only been semi-dried, so retains some of its moisture and is therefore bailed after a couple of days and wrapped in plastic. This wrap allows the grass to ferment slightly and make haylage. The cattle love it!

The bales are then stacked on the farm and stored for the winter months when the weather is not good enough for the cattle to graze outside.

Fun fact! Did you know a cow has four stomachs!

These fields are only a stones throw from the farm and these views can be enjoyed by guests from the footpath that crosses the farm.

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