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Goren Farm

Goren Farm is a unique farm in the Blackdown Hills AONB, just outside the village of Stockland. The farm is about a 20 minute drive from The Croft and offers the perfect place to explore in a local wildlife haven.

Goren Farm is an all grassland farm that has been managed to encourage the growth of wildflowers and re-establish the traditional hay meadow habitat which has mainly been lost in the area. The farm allows visitors to walk freely through its 70 acres of wildflower meadows, following cut paths which are all marked out on a map which you are given on entry. The walks are beautiful, with so many wildflowers and wildlife to spot on the way round. We saw yellow rattle, meadow vetchling, mouse ear chickweed, pignut, yarrow and so many more. There are information boards at various points to help you identify the flowers you have seen.

There is a lovely farmhouse café available on site for treats after your walk, the scones were amazing, and there is a children's play area in the farm garden with a trampoline and a giant hammock. The small shop sells produce from the farm, including wild flower seeds, cider and meat produced on the farm.

The meadows are open Wednesday - Sunday from 11am until 6pm from 18th May until September 18th in 2022. It costs £5 per adult, but children are free.

For further information do have a look at the farm's website or Facebook page, links to which can be found below:

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